Actif types of my public artworks > GOLF ATTRACTION: I scratched my art-career in France with green, I was a Blue Sky
  • Title : GOLF ATTRACTION: I scratched my art-career in France with green, I was a Blue Sky
  • Technique : Painting Acrylic
  • Style : Figurative
  • Expression form : Canvas
  • Theme : Sport
  • Year of creation : 2001
  • Dominant colors :
  • Artwork sold
  • 117 x 137 cm

En commençant à revenir en France (1997-2000) je re découvrait la couleur verte. J'étais aux USA, en Floride, un peintre Bleu. Petit à petit, 10 ans après, je deviens un Vert lorsque je me suis réinstallé en France, en Normandie... C'est une erreur commerciale, les français ne m'achètent pas du tout mes tableaux vert, il y en a trop dehors d'invasion de la couleur verte autour de leurs petites maisons.

In Miami-Beach, I was very Blue painter... Coming back in France Normand, I discover more the Green (nature, rural, ecologic).... But the French does not like the green on paintings ! I scratched so my art-career in France with the green, a big commercial error ! (I am not a good business men, I am only an artist....)

Example : I repainted GOLF: A chance to exercise on the greens of my imagination, breathe some fresh air, and socialize a bit
Golf Attraction
Version 2
Acrylic on canvas 54 x 46 inches (137 x 117 cm) 2001 France
I have done here a painting that summarizes my Hearts and Golf series. It was done from April to July 2001. It is entitled, in the back, 50th Hole because it tooks me 50 days to come to terms with this large piece.

A few years after, I painted in France Golf at the Parc Aventureland on satellites dishes :

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