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  • Titre : Welcome to the arts
  • Technique : Painting Mixed technique
  • Style : Figurative
  • Forme d'expression : Canvas
  • Thèmes : City, Human relation
  • Année de création : 1999
  • Couleurs dominantes :
  • Oeuvre d'art vendue
  • 1400 x 450 cm

Sponsor: Cultural Arts Council, Art in Public Places Committee, and AK Media print
Location: West wall of Jackie Gleason Theater, Miami Beach, Florida.
Medium: Digital Printing on vinyl. Size: 43 X 16 feet
Unveiling: September 21, 2000, Cultural Arts Council annual "Welcome to the Arts" event at the Jackie Gleason

Celebrating its 53rd anniversary, this historical performing and visual arts center was originally known as the Miami Beach Auditorium. Located next to the artsy district of Lincoln Road, the Jackie Gleason is one of the primary facilities for cultural events and performances in Miami.

Pierre Marcel was done by a local artist who began to showcase his work in Miami Beach in 1986. The simplicity of the mural was one of the deciding factors in its selection. "It is so simple, that it is irresistible, " said Marcel of the mural.

In order to create a mural of such magnitude, AK Media superimposed the design onto a vinyl fabric, which was mounted on the wall. The mural is now a focal point in the cultural and visual arts complex, which house the Tourism & Cultural Development Offices and Art in Public Places, the Cultural Arts Council, the Fine Arts Board, and the Office of Film and Event Management.
(Voir la page officiele gouvernementale de la ville de Miami-Beach : album des publications internet sur l'artiste Pierre Marcel
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